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The recipes on this page are personal favourites from some of our volunteers. If you have a favourite recipe you’d like to share, please click  to send it to us. The quick link navigation below will help you get around the page easier. Recent and/or NEW additions are indicated. There are some hints, tips and unusual uses for ordinary household products here.


Radio Jcom has aquired a “please share” GENERATIONS OF RECIPES book which you may download. Just use the tab on the window that opens to save it. Usual rules apply in that Radio Jcom takes no responsibility for the recipes contained therein, but we do appreciate it being passed on to us to share.


Click the links  to navigate to the relevant recipe of your choice. For simplicity, if you wish for a copy of any recipe, just highlight the text (left click and drag over then release) in the page that opens, copy (ctrl+c) and paste (ctrl+v) and save into your  text/word processing programme. Or in the case of a pdf (and does apply to text file as well) just “save as”.


Baked suffed tomatoes Chinese fried rice (uses meat) Ed’s pakoras Hop on poppy noodles Hotcha-cha nachos Kosher pickled cucumber Scalloped potatos (milky) Lemon rice with almonds Mexican rice Parsley bread Spanish rice


Apple coleslaw Chinese coleslaw Couscous salad  Famous Waldorf Hotel salad Fire and Ice tomato salad Greek salad Hard Rock Cafe-style Cole Slaw (Milky) Hungarian cucumber Italian salad Lentil salad Mediterranean salad Onion-based salad Poached chicken and walnut Potato salad (deli-style) Spicy fruit salad Spinach, grapefruit and avocado salad in vinaigrette


Beef cabbage soup Cream of potato soup Creamed turnip and parsnip soup Ed’s legendary vegetable soup Mexican chicken soup Waldorf fresh pea soup

Chicken recipes

Drunken Chicken Chocolate brownies Carrot muffins Coffee meringue cookies

Meat recipes

Sweet and Sour Meat Balls