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BARBARA CLINE Barbara presents Radio Jcom’s  topical and popular ‘7 Day Ramble’ magazine programme. JOHN FISHER is Radio JCom’s art presenter. Leeds born John has enjoyed a long career on the amateur stage. As a child he appeared in radio plays on BBC’s  “Children’s Hour” acting alongside Judith Chalmers and Eileen Derbyshire. This led him to a 25 year stint with The  Proscenium Players and for the last five years he has acted with The Potato Room Players at Leeds City Varieties. John is currently North Leeds correspondent for the Yorkshire Evening Post where he has written his own column for the last ten years. He is also Leeds reporter for the Jewish Chronicle and contributes to J-Life magazine. He retired from his family delicatessen business some years ago and now lists going to the theatre and meeting up with old chums as his main hobbies. LAWRENCE GORSDEN A renown amateur thespian, Lawrence presents the popular “Marry Widower” programme featuring opera and the classics. CANDACE GRANT was born in Hull and moved to Leeds when she was 13 where she attended the Judean Club. Leaving school and following a disastrous attempt at hairdressing, and with the help of the then Shaliach Uri she spent a wonderful year on Kibbutz Hanita. She then went  to live in London and started working at Lillywhites sports store, Piccadilly Circus, where she became Sportswear Buyer with a £4 million budget, travelling throughout Europe seeking the next big thing in sports fashion. After 10 years, Candace returned to Leeds. Following a break for children and various part time jobs she was offered a part time admin job at Donisthorpe Hall, and 13 years later, still there! Candace says she loves her work, now full-time PA to the CEO and Board of Directors and also managing activities, volunteers and hairdressing. It has been a privilege to be at Donisthorpe Hall during a time that has seen the home become a five star care home at the heart of the community. GERRY HARPER  Former Lord mayor of Leeds (2016) Gerry is our man on the Leeds City Council keeping us abreast of local civic developments. DAVID MANKOFF became a fan of Radio Jcom from the first time he heard it on the internet and became an even bigger  fan when it extended to the medium wave. And when he heard presenters were required, he felt this is when he had to pounce! His only claim-to-fame on Jewish radio previously was in 1981 when he was interviewed for the then weekly Jewish programme JACOB'S LADDER on Radio Leeds. “I applied to Jcom, but heard nothing for ages, so I decided to send a demo CD to the studio manager. He called me in for a meeting and told me that I needed to improve my style in order to get on air. Well, after having now recorded umpteen programmes, I hope I have improved! I had decided as there was no dedicated Jewish music programme on Radio Jcom, I'd fill that gap. The majority of my recordings are from my own collection spanning 50 years.” HILLARY MILLER Hillary was born and raised in Leeds and has four children and four grandchildren. She qualified as a Pharmacist in 1970, was Lead Pharmacist for Women's Services at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals until 2008 and is now a part time lecturer at Leeds Beckett University. She is a voluntary Practice Health Champion at the Oakwood Medical Centre in Leeds running a drop- in centre for parents of new babies along side the Baby Clinic. She has an eclectic taste in music but produces a light classical music programme, Classic HM, for Radio Jcom. She writes the Opera North reviews for the Jewish Telegraph and her spare time is full of dogs and baby minding. LESLEY MILLET Lesley has always been quite outspoken but has had no leanings towards acting or performing publicly. Originally from Sheffield, She moved to Leeds 32 years ago with her three children to join her sister and her family and to be involved with a larger Jewish Community. She met second husband Ronny in 1984 and they married in 1985, bringing together a family of 5 children. Lesley joined Ronny in the family business to practice what she had been preaching as a Business Studies Lecturer and continued to work with him there until 2006. They spent many years working for the Welfare Board on the committee of Flag and during that time Ronny learned to play bridge and together they have been involved in Leeds Bridge Club from its inception 12 years ago. Lesley is now Chair of the Bridge Development  Committee of the Yorkshire Contract Bridge Association and the English Bridge Union. Lesley attended a meeting before the launch of Radio JCom and was persuaded to do a pilot for a Weekly programme involving interviewing guests from our Jewish Community and like all things you volunteer for – she's still at it. She has a programme with Gerry Harper, the next Lord Mayor of Leeds, "What’s on in Leeds". Please come and join us if you can – your community Radio needs you! RON MILLET Born and raised in Leeds and then on to University at the London School of Economics where he became President of the Graduates Union. On his return to Leeds he joined the family printing business and at the same time was elected to Leeds City Council. During the 13 years as a public representative he served as Labour spokesman first on Environmental Services and Protection and followed this to become Chairman of the Finance Committee. After raising 5 children with Lesley (also on RadioJcom) he is now free to pursue other interests. He became the Finance Director of Radiojcom (“because no one else wanted to do it”) to make sure that there was sufficient income to run the station properly. As a presenter of his own show “Meet Your Representative”, interviewing local politicians and prominent officials, he is very much Gamekeeper turned Poacher. However he recognises that nearly every politician has good intentions and an interesting background to describe. Frost rather than Paxman is his hero - and the softer style actually gets more truth out of the interview! Ron is also on the Board of the English Bridge Union. ED MOSS Born and raised in Dublin, Ed started in journalism as a photographer, diarist and later features editor for a "Hello" cum "Tatler and Sketch" style Irish high-society magazine. He moved into broadcasting as the independent radio boom hit Dublin in the mid-seventies, presenting Ireland's first ever midday rock music show on East Coast Radio, inventing the "Zoo Radio" style long before the term was coined by Chris Evans. Two years later he transferred to the late night rock show spot drawing in a substantial audience with his irreverent style - a sort of Kenny Everett on Guinness. Ed has very broad music tastes, from classical to terrible, and particularly likes the unusual and incomprehensible. Ed moved to Leeds in the 1990’s, was married in 1992 and has two children. He has trained with BBC Radio Leeds (being offered a job he has always regretted not taking), and is currently an independent marketing communications and corporate event specialist (need to take 60 people to Lisbon for a corporate meeting and event? Call him!). A former BBYO President and National Scout Commissioner, he is honorary webmaster for Radio Jcom and a committee member of the ZCC. Ed is well-known for his ability to stand in front of an audience waxing lyrical on subjects that he has absolutely no prior knowledge whatsoever about. Perfect for radio! SIMON PHILLIPS is a Community Engagement Officer with West Yorkshire Police, overseeing strategies to improve links between West Yorkshire Police and seldom-heard, minority and vulnerable communities. He has worked for the organisation since August 2007, prior to which he worked in academic research and teaching in the areas of the history of occupational health and welfare, the history of sport and leisure, immigration history and retail history. Simon is also heavily active in the Jewish community and beyond, currently a Director of the Leeds Jewish Representative Council with the portfolio for interfaith, and a Board member of Leeds Faiths Forum. GEOFF ROWLAND After many years as a civil servant (too many according to Geoff) he is now retired, able to enjoy his interests fully and really indulge himself. His hobbies are crown green bowling, playing music and creative writing. "As a presenter on Radio Jcom I now have my dream job because I can combine my love of music with my ability to write. I choose all my records from my personal collection and write the scripts for the programmes. This is a real labour of love for me, because I am a very big fan of what is termed ‘specialist’ music and I can now get to share that with my listeners." Geoff plays everything from jazz and blues through to folk and country and beyond on his programme ‘New to You.’ He always has some surprises along the way when he concentrates on particular themes, genres or singers. Above all, Geoff presents listeners with interesting but often unfamiliar songs. In many years of listening to music on the radio Geoff says he has been disappointed with the presenters at times, and in their choice of music. "I want the listeners to enjoy both my presentation and the music." GEOFF SHIFFELDRIN  One of our esteemed voluntary programme producers. TERRY STOWE Terry Stowe is the visionary chief executive of Radio JCom who identified and led a community project team through a successful application for a five-year community radio licence granted by OFCOM in November 2007. Terry has lead the project from inception 12 months ago, overseeing the establishment of programming, production, marketing, advertising, and accountant teams that make up the different elements of Radio JCom. Terry’s background in radio goes back to the times when as a boy he listened avidly to programs such as ‘Dick Barton Special Agent’, ‘the Navy Lark’ (Seaman Staines was a particular favourite) and ‘Round the Horn’. He was quite adept at destroying valve radios which he believed could be improved by his internal refinements. Terry has been instructed to keep well away from the equipment in the studio. Two years ago, when Terry learned UK community radio broadcasting had Government sanction, he believed the Leeds Jewish Community could benefit from having its own station. He looks forward to seeing Radio JCom established and embedded as a voice in the Leeds Jewish Community. ANDREW TUNICK Andrew is a schoolteacher specialising in History, Politics  and Jewish Studies. He is an executive council and choir member of the Shadwell Lane Synagogue. Andrew is also Director of The Yorkshire Israel Office and also broadcasts  regularly on the BBC. Most importantly he is the "dad" of three wonderful children, Lisa, Rachel and Adam. HARRY VENET Presenter of ‘Relax With Harry’, which he scripts and produces himself, Harry delves into his extensive collection of music, mainly from the nineteen thirties, forties and fifties. He is well known in Leeds, though his roots lie across the Pennines in Manchester, where he was born and bred.  When he retired from his long time career as a Chartered Accountant in a leading international firm, he became heavily involved in a number of drama projects. Sadly, Limelight, the Leeds Jewish drama group of which Harry was chairman for many years, is no longer operating, but he is still writing and performing for the Feeling Good Theatre Company (part of the West Yorkshire Playhouse), who are dedicated to championing the skills of older people in retirement.  In the mid-1970s, Harry and his wife Rosemerry moved to Leeds.  They have three daughters and four grandchildren. Despite living happily in Leeds, Harry retains a passion for Manchester United, which began nearly 70 years ago.

Our history

Radio Jcom was formed by a group of community members with broadcasting, media, communal and business backgrounds from a cross- section of the  Leeds Jewish community. Radio Jcom is one of the first dedicated  Jewish Internet radio stations outside London and the very first wholly  dedicated Jewish radio station in the UK. There are only one of a handful of such  stations around the world, excluding Israel. Serving  approximately 10,000 people across North Leeds, and based at Leeds Donisthorpe Hall, Radio Jcom will broadcast as a focal  point for all. It also can be received by many thousands of people outside the community in Leeds 17, 8, 7 and beyond. Initially, Radio Jcom  launched an  Internet- based radio station offering website information and a full  service programming schedule for the Leeds Jewish community. It now broadcasts on 1386 on the medium wave, focusing on Thursday live broadcasting with pre-recorded programming throughout the remainder of the week, except Shabbat and Jewish High Holy Days. Radio Jcom  is a 24-hour service 6 days a week comprising of a wide  range of programmes from music to sport to youth to news, encompassing  every aspect of the Jewish community. Radio Jcom is a totally  non-profit organisation and any surplus funds will be reinvested in the  station. Local business and communal organisations can sponsor or advertise on air and on the web site. This is your Leeds Jewish community station. Why not be a part of it?


Radio Jcom serves the whole community with programmes covering all tastes and interests. Please keep checking back to the website to get all the up to date news and how you can become involved. We continually need to add to our merry band of volunteers to present, produce, interview, report and administer on our behalf, and thus help us fill the daily, 24-hour schedule with inspirational local content to make Radio Jcom the best in local Jewish broadcasting. If you feel you fit the bill, and would like to become involved with this wonderful communal project simply email us. This is the ideal opportunity for you to become an integral part of the Leeds Jewish community, in a practical and worthwhile way. Please do have a listen to Radio Jcom. You can catch us live on the internet by clicking the link on the home page. Most importantly, please do get involved. It’s YOUR radio station and YOUR community. Let’s keep it vibrant. For information, a list of our volunteer producers and presenters of our programmes is reproduced ton this page.

Our producers

Hillary Miller Classic HM, self-presented Ed Moss Ed’s Surreal Hour, self- presented Comedy Capers, self-presented Hon Webmaster Shimon and Andrew Torah Talk, self-presented Noel Sumroy New to you presented by Geoff Rowland Seven Day Ramble presented by Barbara Cline Today with Lesley presented by Lesley Millett The Historical Society Show co-produces Geoff Shiffeldrin J-Talk Mankoff’s Half Hour presented by David Mankoff Meet your Representative Merry Widower presented by Lawrence Gorsden Money Matters presented by Stephen Mitchell Police Forum What’s On in Leeds presented by Lesley Millet The Historical Society Show co-produces Harry Venet Relax with Harry, self presented